What is laVív®?

Imagine if you could erase smile lines using cells from your own body. It may sound like science fiction, but that’s the laVív® difference. laVív® cell therapy is the only personalized collagen therapy made from your own cells and is FDA-approved to treat smile lines.

laVív® is a customized collagen filler used to eliminate the appearance of smile lines (nasolabial fold wrinkles). While the dermis is incredibly elastic, this connective tissue degenerates with age resulting in fewer and fewer fibroblasts producing less and less collagen. Since collagen is responsible for providing the dermis structure and firmness, a lack of collagen causes skin to become prone to wrinkles and sagging.

How is My laVív® Created?

Each injection of laVív® therapy contains millions of fibroblasts cultivated from skin cells taken from your own body. In fact, every laVív® injection is 98% pure fibroblasts tailored to your DNA. To create your personalized biological tissue-stimulating treatment, your physician will first take a skin sample of skin cells from the back portion of your ear. This sample of skin cells is then sent off to Fibrocell Science’s lab where the skin cells are used to generate millions of new fibroblast cells.

These new fibroblasts are carefully inspected for quality, cryogenically frozen, and then stored for future use. The production of laVív® fibroblast cell therapy typically takes three to four months. Upon completion of your laVív® personalized treatment, Firobocell Science ships your treatment overnight to the California Skin Institute so that it arrives the day of your scheduled laVív® treatment sessions.

How Does laVív® Remove Smile Lines?

laVív® is injected directly into smile lines using a fine needle. Patients undergoing laVív® personalized therapy will receive 3 injections, each 3 to 6 weeks apart.

After each treatment sessions, your laVív® fibroblast cells will begin producing new collagen to improve the appearance of wrinkles and lend more elasticity and suppleness to your dermis.

This means each laVív® treatment is biologically improving the appearance of nasolabial fold wrinkles on your face with lasting results. In fact, the effects of laVív® are almost immediate, with improved results over six months after your final treatment session.