Receding Hairlines in the Public Spotlight

by DrBanthia on September 17, 2012

Recently, pop culture seems to have shifted its focus to male pattern baldness and possible solutions.  Prince William is the most recent topic for discussion given the focus the London Olympic Games gave to his receding hairline at a young age.  Lebron James, at age 26, is already the source of criticism for his receding hairline, and Wes Welker recently had a hair transplant to address his issues with male pattern baldness.  With the growing popularity of over the counter hair loss treatments in San Jose, there seems to be a misconception that Rogaine or Propecia can cause hair to grow back in places where it may have previously fallen out.  These hair loss treatments can stop further hair loss if you begin treatment early enough, but they cannot stimulate new hair growth.  The only way to restore a more youthful hairline that looks natural is hair transplant microsurgery.

At Reviance® Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center, Dr. Gujrati is one of the most well-respected hair transplant microsurgery experts in the world.  While procedures in the past always looked unnatural and “pluggy,” advancements in this revolutionary procedure can now deliver a natural, unaltered appearance.  The days of feeling even more insecure after hair transplant surgery are over.

Are You a Good Candidate for Hair Transplant Microsurgery?

Both Lebron James and Prince William are great candidates for hair transplant microsurgery, and you could be too!  Traditional male pattern baldness typically affects the top of the head, but hair around the sides of the scalp generally remains full and thick.  Hair Transplant Microsurgery removes individual hair follicles and transplants them to areas affected by male pattern baldness.  By individually transplanting hairs 1-3 at a time, the transplant area looks much more natural than previous variations of the procedure.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Only For Men?

Absolutely not.  Since hair loss is generally an inherited trait or more than average testosterone levels, hair loss can also impact women.  While the affected areas differ from that from men, in that women generally see hair loss on the crown of their head, the procedure stays the same.  Hair is harvested from areas of the scalp that have a good hair density and then transplanted to the affected area.  While female hair loss is typically far less noticeable, the emotional effect on a woman can be much more emotionally troubling.  Dr. Gujrati understands the sensitivity surrounding hair loss (especially in his female patients) and works tirelessly on new and advanced techniques to create the most natural appearance.

Want to Learn More About Hair Transplant Microsurgery?

Feel free to Contact Reviance® Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center with any questions or concerns you may have with hair transplant microsurgery.  Schedule a Free Consultation with Dr. Gujrati to see if hair transplant microsurgery may be right for you.

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