Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

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What is Ear Surgery?

Ear Surgery San Jose

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Also known as otoplasty, ear surgery is a procedure that can correct large, abnormally shaped, or protruding / prominent ears. Not only can this improve the overall look of your face, but it can also restore self-confidence and self-esteem, as large ears are often a source of embarrassment for young children and even adults.  Those who have undergone this procedure may well relate to the fact that this procedure is a life-changing one for the better.  This is yet another example of how cosmetic surgery impacts not only the outer self but also the inner personality.  Otoplasty can be done on children as young as six years of age.  In some cases, your health insurance may cover some of the costs of the procedure for your child.

To see what a difference this surgery can make, please take a look at some ear surgery before and after pictures. We would also be happy to go over ear surgery costs in San Jose, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and other surrounding Bay Area cities during your initial consultation.

How is Ear Surgery Performed?

During the ear surgery procedure, your surgeon will make an incision on the back of the ear and manipulate the ear by reshaping it into a more “normal” position, creating ear ‘folds’ if necessary.  Scars will be hidden, so there will be no “evidence” of surgery that is visible to the world. Ear surgery is an outpatient procedure, and it is performed in the comfort of our medical facility.  In adults, this procedure is typically completed within approximately 2-3 hours without the need for general anesthesia depending upon the initial shape of the ear.

How Do I Know if Ear Surgery is Right for Me?

Children are the most common patients for otoplasty, as it is best to do it sooner rather than later to avoid any unnecessary teasing.  That being said, many adult patients have come to have their ears resculpted and set back into a more desirable position.  As soon as your child’s ears are developed (usually around age 6), the procedure is safe. The best candidates for ear surgery in San Jose, Palo Alto, and the surrounding Bay Area cities are those with large or protruding ears. During your initial consultation, we will examine your ears and determine whether the ear cartilage needs to be reshaped, reduced or both.

What are Ear Surgery Costs?

To learn more about ear surgery prices, please give us a call today. We’d be happy to go over the procedure in more detail. Our surgeons are highly skilled, compassionate and professional individuals who will do whatever it takes to help you or your child reach the outcome you want.

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