Inverted V Eyebrow After Botox San Jose?

by DrBanthia on January 31, 2013

As the supply increases to meet demand for Botox San Jose, nail salons, hair salons, and even dentists have begun to offer this temporary wrinkle reduction treatment.  One of the main negative impacts that this growth in supply has created is an overwhelming view by patients that Botox is a simple procedure that requires very little actual training.  This couldn’t be further from the truth, and a lack of training and expertise when administering Botox injections has led to some unhappy patients with an inverted “v” eyebrow.  As one of the more common results from Botox performed by someone who is not trained, the inverted “v” eyebrow can make patients appear angry and appears very unnatural.

It is not a coincidence that these poor results have climbed as more facilities begin to offer Botox, without truly understanding the underlying structure of the face.  It is important to understand how complex Botox in San Jose can actually be to ensure the very best results.  Botox is a protein derived from Botulism and works by actually weakening the underlying wrinkle-causing muscles.  It is for this reason that injections are precisely placed to target the wrinkle-generating muscles of the face without impacting functionality.

More specifically, the inverted “v” appearance occurs when a disproportionate amount of Botox is injected in the central forehead.  By over-injecting or under-injecting certain areas of the face, the facial muscles forces can act in ‘unnatural’ ways, giving one an altered facial appearance.  This pulling is what eventually leads the eyebrows to bow and give patients a very unnatural appearance.

With thousands of successful Botox procedures performed on San Jose patients, the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons of Reviance Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center have the training and experience to create a natural appearance that does not appear altered.  Since the results of Botox can last up to 6 months, it’s important have the procedure done by a plastic surgeon that has the experience and training necessary to avoid potentially negative results.

If you are considering Botox in San Jose to reduce facial lines and wrinkles, but have seen negative results that make you think twice, Schedule a Free Consultation with Reviance today.  With proper training and experience, the inverted “v” and other common negative outcomes can be avoided entirely.

Will San Jose Rhinoplasty results be obvious?

by DrBanthia on January 29, 2013

Contrary to what you may see in Hollywood, results from any plastic surgery procedure can in fact be natural-looking.  Often, the question is how much correction is needed to achieve the desired results.  For San Jose Rhinoplasty patients, often small changes can make a large difference in the overall appearance of the face and nose.  While swelling may persist for up to a year after the procedure, having a natural looking nose is absolutely possible when the surgery is done by a trained professional.  As a concern for any plastic surgery procedure, natural-looking results are indeed possible following a Rhinoplasty in San Jose.

Rhinoplasty in San Jose is designed to change the size and/or shape of the nose to create a more symmetric and balanced facial appearance.  More commonly known as nose surgery, rhinoplasty is one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures requested among San Jose, Palo Alto, Los Gatos, and Santa Clara patients.  Rhinoplasty San Jose has the ability to improve the aesthetic appearance and function of the nose through subtle and effective changes to the nasal structure.  The key here is a subtle approach to achieve the desired result without having an ‘operated’ look.

It is also important to consider the wishes of the patient when determining how natural-looking the final results will be.  More than most plastic surgery patients, rhinoplasty patients tend to have a great idea as to what they want the final result to be.  As a focal point of the face, it’s often clear to patients the changes they want to make, but it’s not always going to deliver the best results.  Since facial structure can vary from patient to patient, it’s important to consider how well the newly shaped nose will fit with other facial features.  An over-correction could lead to an altered and unnatural appearance.

If you are considering Rhinoplasty in San Jose, and you want to learn more about creating a natural-looking appearance, Schedule a Free Consultation with the San Jose Plastic Surgeons at Reviance.  With years of experience and training, the San Jose Rhinoplasty Experts at Reviance will help you to understand the process towards creating a natural appearance while achieving the desired results.

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Can Botox Actually Cause Botulism?

September 19, 2012

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What is Laser Resurfacing?

July 31, 2012

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